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BFC - The freedom of choice. A brand new catering concept.

There is something common about love and food. It's called passion.

Food, like love, evokes emotion, feeling, affection, sentiment.

The food you like comes with intensity, drive, conviction. When you mix food and love, it's overwhelming. Hungry times testify the power of food over heart and mind. 

Our mobile application, "BFC Hotpot", feeds freedom to your food passion. You customise your platters and mini-buffets, your combos and ala carte. You tell us how many people you want fed. And what ingredients and spices thrill their tongues.

Freedom of choice of food - what to eat, how made, how presented - is the promise of BFC.

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View caterers in your neighbourhood. Select platters, mini-buffet or buffet.

Customise Your Order

Pick your choice of ingredients, spices, cooking style, etc. Order.

BFC Bites & Flavours

Location Jadala Place, Ngong Lane
Contact food@bfc-hotpot.com

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